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T-shirt - A Gildan Ultra Cotton or Anvil 6.1 oz mens style t-shirt.
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Apr 27

Suits Suck

Suits Suck Image 1
Suits Suck Image 2

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Here at ShirtaDay we don't like suits either... I mean, we sell t-shirts for crying out loud. So, what better than a shirt that says Suits Suck? Yeah, we couldn't think of much either.

Ok, so we all know this is from the Entourage episode. And we know that there are likely other shirt sites that will be selling this shirt, but we can guarantee you that no other site will get this shirt in your hands before we will because no other sites have the turnaround times that we do. Also, no other site will have this shirt in your hands this fast and for this cheap. We know what other sites sell their shirts for and it's like $16+ and that's just ludicrous! Plus, most of them aren't even the same quality as ours and most don't let you choose your own shirt color, so why don't you pick up this shirt before your friends do, for less than they do, and in any color you'd like.

Or, you can tell all your friends, and they can all get one too and then you'll save some money, b/c the more shirts we sell, the more that everyone saves.

And don't forget to check out our Clearance Page for your last chance to get those designs before they're probably gone for good. And also, go check out our friends at Rerun Tees: they carry some of our most popular designs and if you buy a shirt from us today, we'll give you a coupon for free shipping with them.

And last but not least, check out our new feature: a Weekly Shirt. At our Weekly Shirt page (see up top in menu) we'll run a past design of ours for an entire week... that's your chance to get one of our more popular designs at an incredible savings. Just check it out and you can thank us later.

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Go check out the Warehouse for awesome deals on some of our past designs. Missed yesterday's design? Missed a design from last week or last month? Check out the Warehouse... you just might find it there, but you better buy it today, because it might be gone tomorrow.

Don't forget to tell your family, friends and everyone you know about us because the more people that buy a shirt, the more that everyone saves (b/c the refund grows with each and every sale). It's a win, win, win situation (you, them, & us) so you can't go wrong.

Please remember that you can always select your own shirt color, however the color of the design will not change. Please make sure to use the shirt color preview tool to see what the design will look like on different colored shirts. (Therefore selecting a white shirt for a white design is not the best of ideas as it will not show.)

Check out our friends over at RerunTees.com. They have a lineup of over 300+ designs. We're sure you'll love at least some of them.

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