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Mar 23

Stupid People in Large Numbers (Republicans)

Stupid People in Large Numbers (Republicans) Image 1
If you want to purchase one of these shirts, check out the main page at www.shirtaday.com As more shirts are sold throughout the day the refund increases and ultimately the shirt costs you less.

I was sitting in a field the other day admiring nature's beauty, smelling the fresh spring flowers, listening to the birds sing when a bird flew down off a nearby tree, landed on my shoulder and whispered this into my ear: "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Numbers." Ok, so that didn't really happen, but?. You better be careful. Don't you go underestimating them, them stupid people them? If enough of stupid people get together they just may be powerful enough to accomplish something, be it productive or not, harmful or good, or on purpose or by accident. And there sure are a lot of them out there in the world? Wish you could just make some of them go away? Well, we can't help you there, but we can sell you this t-shirt so that you can warn the rest of the world. You might as well buy a whole bunch so that you can wear them multiple days per week to really get the message out.

Stupid People in Large Numbers (Republicans) Image 2

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