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Sep 06

Come to the Nerd Side, We have Pi

Come to the Nerd Side, We have Pi Image 1
Sure it can't feed you, it's not even homemade. It doesn't smell like your mama's kitchen, but it does have at least one thing going for it that will entice even the most straight laced teens and young adults. Pi is like the rebellious young person who refuses to be defined or even definable. It's not rational, that doesn't seem to bother it, and it's worked for it for over 300 years. That's like six times longer than anyone of us is going to live. So I say let's join the nerd side where we can keep company with the rebel that is Pi. What have we got to lose? Rationality? Stopping at a mere 2 or 3 decimal points? That's not for me.
Come to the Nerd Side, We have Pi Image 2

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