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About Us

How It Works

We sell custom designed t-shirts. Some, or most shall we say, at least for the moment, are designed by us or our staff. Others are designed by users or visitors of the site. Some are funny, some are witty, some are provocative, some are political, some target specific groups, some may be geared at a particular fundraiser we're helping someone with, and some may be just plain weird... but that's the way we like it. You never know what you're going to get when you come to the site b/c the shirts change each and every day... Yup, everyday there will be a different t-shirt design and they'll switch right at or around midnight PST (we & our servers are not perfect you know).

So, you come to the site and you see a shirt you like. You think to yourself, hmm...it'd sure be swell if I could have and wear that shirt... So, you decide you want to buy one for yourself. Well, it's not that hard. Just click the "Add To Cart" button and off you go. (Make sure you've selected the right size, type, and color first though!) Signing up for an account is quick and easy and then you can pay by credit card.

Shipping is only $3.95.. For the first item. We'll ship your shirt to you via USPS First Class Mail. There are no hidden shipping charges or crazy handling or packing fees. For those ordering more than one item we do offer lower combined shipping rates according to the rates that USPS charges (based on weight). Shirts of the day are considered custom orders and will typically ship within one week. Orders with clearance items only may ship sooner. You will be provided with a shipment notification at the time of shipment.

So how exactly does pricing work you ask? Or what's with that bar below the Starting Price, Refund and Price In The End? Well, that sliding amount on the bar is the Price in the End, or PITE as we like to call it. It shows you the price you ultimately pay, but that is not the amount we collect up front. Still confused? Of course you are, so here's how it works: Each shirt starts out with a Starting Price. That price is displayed at the top, below the date, to the left of the t-shirt image. That is the price everyone pays up front when placing an order. As more people come to the site and decide to buy a shirt, the PITE moves to the left, and the ultimate price you pay goes down... The in-store credit you will receive is shown below the price in red. This is the difference between the Price and the PITE. So, let's say a shirt starts out at $12.99... and after everything is said and done the ultimate price you pay is showing as only $9.99. Well, at the end of the day we'll issue you an in-store Shirt-A-Day credit of $3.00. It's that simple. The in-store credit can be used with your next purchase, the following day or saved for a future purchase. In the check-out process you will be asked if you want to use your credit with this purchase.

You must have an account to accumulate in-store credit. Accounts are easy and simple to set up. Set up yours today!

So what does that mean for you? Well, the more people that buy a shirt, the less you pay. It's that simple. So, if you decide you want to order a shirt, then let's be honest here... it pays for you to convince every single person you know to also purchase that shirt because it will lower the cost of that shirt for you... Is that selfish or greedy? We think not...

So how much does the Price in the End, or PITE, change with each and every order? Well, unfortunately we're not going to tell you that one... that's part of our secret formula, which is part of our secret plan, which is part of our secret strategy, which is part of our secret mission, which is... You get the picture. But, we welcome you to watch and we also welcome you to try and figure it out for yourselves.

Unfortunately, we do not allow returns, refunds or exchanges. Each shirt that is purchased as part of the shirt of the day is a custom order. That's because we allow you to pick your color, size, and type. We collect your orders, order the blanks, print the shirts and then ship them out to you. Since each shirt is a custom order, and we don't have them sitting around here, we cannot accept returns, refunds or exchanges. Now if there is something wrong with your shirt, or you receive the wrong shirt (that pretty much never happens) we will gladly replace it, but will require that you contact us and include a picture of what is wrong and return any incorrectly received shirts. You must also retain the original packaging in this case as we are not responsible for shirts damaged by the USPS or your incorrect opening of the envelope (with a knife, scissors, screwdriver, etc.). If you purchase a shirt from the warehouse you may return or exchange it if it is unworn, unwashed, and you ship it back to us.